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Are you considering the replacement of some sliding windows in Etobicoke, Ontario? Is there a problem with a sliding window and are now seeking a pro to evaluate the damage and suggest solutions? Are you remodeling or shortly moving to a new home and you would like to inquire about sliding windows installation?

Whatever your service needs, choose to contact Etobicoke Windows & Doors. We have experience with sliding and all types of windows, to be exact. Of course, our team is experienced with all relevant services and is available for all services – from sliding patio and windows installation to sliding window repairs.

Full services for sliding windows in Etobicoke – see why to choose us

Isn’t it good to know that you can count on one company for all services on Etobicoke sliding windows? Even more importantly, to be sure of the quality of the windows and all services? That’s exactly what happens when you put your trust in the hands of our team here at Etobicoke Windows & Doors.

  •          You can easily book sliding windows installation, replacement, and repair services in Etobicoke.
  •          When it comes to window repairs, a pro is directed your way quickly.
  •          Broken glass is replaced swiftly and any window damage that may compromise home security is handled super-fast.
  •          All field techs are experts in sliding windows and all services. And so, the job is always carried out by an expert in sliding windows installer or repairman.
  •          All windows are custom-made to meet the needs of the customer in regard to the dimensions, glass features, frame, and style.
  •          When it comes to the installation of sliding windows, Etobicoke contractors offer free consultation and estimate, the best solutions for the particular home and family.
  •          All sliding windows are excellent in terms of quality and the sliding windows installation service is completed with absolute respect to the building codes, the product’s specs, and all standards.

Want sliding windows installed? Let’s discuss your specific needs

As window experts, we serve above all expectations at all times. That’s because we know our business well. But also because we are committed to our clientele and our trade. Sliding windows are modern and have many advantages. They allow for a large clear view, are easy to use, and don’t get in your way. Although they are usually made of an aluminum frame and double glass, some customers prefer wood or vinyl frames and triple or even quadruple glass panes. Have no worries. That’s the whole point of sending a pro to your home – to explore your needs, measure, and understand your security, aesthetic, and thermal efficiency expectations. Should we discuss all that so that you will know how much will your new sliding window cost you? Or, do you want something different for your Etobicoke sliding windows? Tell us.